About us

The Occam Systems brand and Room Service trademark is owned by Kinetic Solutions Ltd. We manufacture software for managing student accommodation

Our software has processed more than 1.5 million student bookings

We commence trading

Operating from our office in the centre of Ludlow, we conceive PAMS, software for managing student accommodation, designed for large universities.

Launch Room Service 2000

We launch Room Service 2000, also known as RS2000, to provide a lower cost solution for small and medium sized universities. Universities start to implement online applications and Occam is the first supplier to provide such solutions. We also deliver the first solution for online contracts and integrated card payments. We grow rapidly as universities and colleges recognise the advantage of working with a specialist supplier.

30 customers using our PAMS or Room Service systems

In 2005 we decide that we need a single product for all new business and so start work on Room Service.net using the latest Microsoft development tools. We spend the next 2 years preparing this new product for launch.

2nd generation of online products revolutionise customers’ operations

Our self-service student portal eliminates considerable amounts of data processing activities and saves customers large amounts of money in printing, postage, packing and other related costs. In 2006 we are the first supplier to offer an online arrivals module which lets students schedule their date and time of arrival.

Launch Room Service.net

The new version of Room Service, Room Service.net, becomes our sole product for new business. We design an automatic process to convert existing customers’ data from RS2000 and start the process of upgrading all customers. We also start to move customers from PAMS to Room Service. We launch online induction in 2007.

More new features

We launch our online store for selling products such as bed packs, pan packs and so on. This includes a back office order processing system and online casual lets.

Incorporate social media

Our social module provides a Facebook app for connecting students who will be sharing accommodation, providing a neat way of bridging the challenge of integrating systems with online social tools.

Launch our cloud based service – and move to Ludlow Eco Park

Our new building is purpose built to provide more office space and better facilities including training rooms for our customers – we provide free training for new releases. During 2013 we launch our online inventory and online departures modules. We deliver cloud-based Room Service – 100% availability in 2013!

Investment in R&D

More customers move to cloud-based Room Service and our spring and autumn releases contain over 100 new features. Defect rates fall for the fourth year in a row as we head towards our zero defects target. Customer satisfaction increases again customers rate 98% of closed cases satisfied or very satisfied.

Responsive Portal

Our new student portal is responsive to mobile, tablet and desktop devices. We include a rich content management system for managing media, styles, layouts and scripts. We research methods for achieving great performance and achieve a throughput of 1,000 student applications in 5 minutes with peak load of 500 concurrent students on a basic web server.

Extensions to Portal and Property Operations

Replaced our guarantors and casual lets portals. Launched our first version of Room Inspections for mobile and tablet. Also added Service Desk. Integration with Pay to Study for international payments and with Campus Life for Student Welcome.

Direct Bookings

New processes for direct bookings and an API to embed property adverts in other websites. Improved security for sensitive financial data such as direct debits. Added features for managing nominated properties.

Security improvements and Enterprise Edition

Major upgrade to the security model to provide advanced features for GDRP including full anonymization of personal data and training and test databases. Hosting service encrypts data at rest and over 250 new permissions added to the role security. Added integration with MyDeposits to automate registration of deposits. First version of Enterprise Edition includes Leads, Viewings, Incidents, Welfare and improved CRM features for mobile and tablet. Defect rates fall for the eighth year in a row, evidence of our commitment to quality.

Continued Research & Development

We continue to innovate building new use models around sales, marketing, property operations, customer care and finance management. 1 in 4 UK universities, and many private providers, use Occam’s software for managing their student accommodation.

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