Help to get you up and running

We provide a full range of service to get you up and running with Room Service. Typically, we build your database for you, load your property and rooms, prices, default licence or tenancy dates, and we complete the branding your web portal. Once your database is built we then start your training, which is provided through a mix of onsite, at Occam and by web. We’ll drip feed this through your first year, as you need it, providing hand-holding throughout this period.

Our help desk provides first class service – many of our customers regard it as the best they receive from any supplier. You’ll have access to our help desk by phone, by email and by web. Our customer portal provides online access to your complete ticket history, and you’ll have access to all of our training guides too.

We encourage customers to get the most from our software, by providing free training for the new features contained in our regular Spring and Autumn Releases.

Room Service runs either on your own servers or in the cloud. Our cloud-based service is hassle free – we take full responsibility for the management of the technology. Cloud-based Room Service runs on Microsoft Azure providing a degree of resilience that is hard to acheive on premise.

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